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CQM Coal Quality Manager
CQM Coal Quality Manager
Goods Description:The CQMTM Analyzer provides a full elemental analysis of coal for quality control. By precisely sorting or blending, coal operators can minimize or eliminate contract penalties, reduce the fraction of premium coal necessary to meet a blended quality target, ensure more consistent quality throughout the train or barge, and even extend the life of the mine. Utilites use the CQM to ensure compliance with emissions regulations and to improve boiler performance by reducing fouling and slagging.

ECA Elemental Crossbelt Analyzer
ECA Elemental Crossbelt ...
Goods Description:The ECATM can be used in applications for productivity improvement in pit management, preparation plants and inventory management. Its versatility makes it appropriate for raw coal, plant feed, clean coal, and blended coal applications. By precisely determining ash and sulfur, operators can lower operating costs by sorting and blending with confidence and minimizing coal re-handling.

Coal Blending Optimization System
Coal Blending Optimizati...
Goods Description:Thermo Scientific COBOSTM Coal Blending Optimization System United States Specification: Gamma-Metrics COBOS Coal Blend Optimization System The Gamma Metrics, COBOSTM software is the most widely used blending program in the coal industry. It can blend up to six coal sources and achieve up to five simultaneous quality control targets, such as sulfur and ash. Automatic or manual blending can be done continuously or in batch mode with feeder proportioning as frequently as every minute.

CBXTM online analyzer
CBXTM online analyzer
Goods Description:The Gamma-Metrics CBXTM online analyzer has been superseded by Thermo Fisher Scientific's new CB Omni online analyzer. For the latest PGNAA online analysis visit our CB Omni product page.

CB Omni CrossBelt Online Elemental Analyzer
CB Omni CrossBelt Online...
Goods Description:Ensuring consistent raw material quality is key to increased productivity and reduced manufacturing costs in any mining and material processing industry. The Thermo Scientific CB Omni mounts directly on an existing conveyor belt and provides a minute-by-minute elemental analysis of an entire raw material stream for quality control purposes

Video clip for Thang long cross belt analyzer
Video clip for Thang lon...
Goods Description:Video clip for Thang long cross belt analyzer

Ramsey Series 14 Belt Scale System
Ramsey Series 14 Belt Sc...
Goods Description:The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 14 Precision Belt Scale System is specifically designed for high accuracy or basis-of-payment applications requiring certification by government and regulatory agencies. It is extremely accurate to within 0.125% and is the most widely certified belt scale in the world. It lets you monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.

Sweep Type Sampler
Sweep Type Sampler
Goods Description:Ramsey* Model SWAX-7000 Primary Sweep Type Sampler Thermo Scientific* Ramsey Model SWAX-7000 sweep-type sampling machine offers an economical, simple means to procure a representative sample directly from a main stream of material. The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model SWAX-7000 Primary Sweep Type Sampler can be used as a stand-alone sampling device to extract a cross belt cut to a sample container or as a primary (first stage cutter) in a multi-stage mechanical sampling system.

Low Capacity Weighbelt Feeder
Low Capacity Weighbelt F...
Goods Description:Ramsey* Model 90.151 Low Capacity Weighbelt Feeder The Thermo Scientific* Ramsey Model 90.151 low capacity weighbelt feeder offers accurate weighfeeding of light materials at low feed rates. The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 90.151 low capacity weighbelt feeder with its innovative design and unique features, was developed to meet the high standards and greater accuracy demands of today? food, chemical and process industries.


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