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Contact:Mr. Jack Zhou
Add:Qing Gong Lu Yin Zhuang Industrial Park Chinese Gulou District of Xuzhou city in Jiangsu Province


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Sweep Type Sampler
Goods Description:Ramsey* Model SWAX-7000 Primary Sweep Type Sampler Thermo Scientific* Ramsey Model SWAX-7000 sweep-type sampling machine offers an economical, simple means to procure a representative sample directly from a main stream of material. The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model SWAX-7000 Primary Sweep Type Sampler can be used as a stand-alone sampling device to extract a cross belt cut to a sample container or as a primary (first stage cutter) in a multi-stage mechanical sampling system.

Features and Benefits

Compact design is well-suited for low headroom installations
Ease of installation results in modest installation costs
Mounts directly to existing or new conveyors. No transfer point is required
Rigid construction of tubular structural steel maintains positive alignment
Direct drive for positive stopping whether the belt is loaded or empty
Skirtboards on sampler prevent material spillage
Cost-efficient—small primary increment means smaller, less expensive equipment in the reduction stages of system
Noncontact proximity switches for start-stop control
Replaceable steel brushes and urethane wiper assure fines will be removed and included in representative sample
Samplers counterweighted to eliminate high eccentric loading on 36  in. and larger belts
Recommended for: Sampling of coal, limestone, ferrous and non-ferrous ores, sand, crushed rock and gravel

 About production
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    [anonym]Wade Harris 2020-03-12 02:59:42
    Please contact me for a belt sampler system @ (870)260-6995.

    [anonym]RICHARD FRANCINGUES 2020-04-16 04:19:35
    I am looking for parts going on a ramsey sweep sampler using ramsey drawing #c5-200. job: 53444. can you please give me the name of distributors in the usa. i'm in new orleans so anyone close will do. if I can buy direct I will also do it that way. let me know. thanks

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