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Contact:Mr. Jack Zhou
Add:Qing Gong Lu Yin Zhuang Industrial Park Chinese Gulou District of Xuzhou city in Jiangsu Province


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CQM Coal Quality Manager
Goods Description:The CQMTM Analyzer provides a full elemental analysis of coal for quality control. By precisely sorting or blending, coal operators can minimize or eliminate contract penalties, reduce the fraction of premium coal necessary to meet a blended quality target, ensure more consistent quality throughout the train or barge, and even extend the life of the mine. Utilites use the CQM to ensure compliance with emissions regulations and to improve boiler performance by reducing fouling and slagging.

Thermo Scientific coal analyzers offer superb accuracy and improve efficiency. The CQM Analyzer provides a full elemental analysis of coal for quality control. Every minute, information is provided on sulfur, ash, moisture, heating value, lbs. SO2/Mbtu, and ash constituents. This data can be used by a mine or prep plant for loadout or contract monitoring, to blend varying grades of coal, to sort by quality, or to provide data on sulfur and SO2. By precisely sorting or blending, coal operators can realize significant economic advantages, while producing a consistent product. At coal-fired power plants the CQM is used to monitor bunker feed to stay below emissions limits and improve heat rate and availability.

Engineered to reduce installation costs, the CQM Analyzer has a small footprint and low height, allowing it to easily integrate with a sampling system. Installed savings of 0,000 over previous generation chute analyzers are possible. The CQM Analyzer's modular design includes input hopper, conveyor, and flow control system. The CQM Analyzer integrates the latest technological advancements in PGNAA to achieve the most accurate and precise coal analyzer ever produced.

The CQM Analyzer can be used to analyze raw coal, clean coal, blended coal or refuse... no matter its type or rank (bituminous, lignite, sub-bituminous, petroleum coke or synfuel). It utilizes Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA), a technique pioneered and commercialized by us in 1984. Thermo Scientific PGNAA coal analyzers are operating today at more than 100 sites. The utility of the CQM can be enhanced by applying either the COBOS blending software, or the Silo Tracking Software to track coal composition in downstream bunkers, stockpiles, or silos.

The CQM Measures and Reports:

    * Ash
    * Sulfur
    * Moisture
    * SiO2
    * Al2O3
    * Fe2O3
    * Na2O (in some cases)
    * CaO
    * TiO2
    * K2O
    * N
    * CI
The CQM Calculates and Reports:
    * Heating Value (kcal/kg, kJ/kg, or BTU/lb)
    * Lbs SO2 per million BTU
    * Ash Fusion Temperature (based on customer specified empirical relations)

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