Xuzhou Kelida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, composed of the primary USA Ramsay China Company sales and technical backbone (formerly China Company have divestment),

in coal energy measurement and detection technology in a leading position in the industry, as the industry pioneer He Longtou...

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CQM Coal Quality Manager
CQM Coal Quality Manager
Goods Description:The CQMTM Analyzer provides a full elemental analysis of coal for quality control. By precisely sorting or blending, coal operators can minimize or eliminate contract penalties, reduce the fraction of premium coal necessary to meet a blended quality target, ensure more consistent quality throughout the train or barge, and even extend the life of the mine. Utilites use the CQM to ensure compliance with emissions regulations and to improve boiler performance by reducing fouling and slagging.

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CBXTM online analyzer
CBXTM online analyzer
Goods Description:The Gamma-Metrics CBXTM online analyzer has been superseded by Thermo Fisher Scientific's new CB Omni online analyzer. For the latest PGNAA online analysis visit our CB Omni product page.

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Sweep Type Sampler
Sweep Type Sampler
Goods Description:Ramsey* Model SWAX-7000 Primary Sweep Type Sampler Thermo Scientific* Ramsey Model SWAX-7000 sweep-type sampling machine offers an economical, simple means to procure a representative sample directly from a main stream of material. The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model SWAX-7000 Primary Sweep Type Sampler can be used as a stand-alone sampling device to extract a cross belt cut to a sample container or as a primary (first stage cutter) in a multi-stage mechanical sampling system.

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Model 45C H2S Analyzer
Model 45C H2S Analyzer
Goods Description:The Model 45C consists of an H2S - to - SO2 converter coupled to a pulsed fluorescence SO2 analyzer. Continuous H2S monitoring is accomplished by conversion of the H2S in the sample to SO2 and its subsequent detection by the SO2 analyzer. This product is no longer offered.

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